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Our Approach

We adopted a personalised approach to help provide you with the perfect tutor to meet your needs.


In order to effectively place you with the right tutor for you, we believe rigorous consultation is required. This usually takes place over the telephone or via email. Once the learning objectives have been determined and it is clear what is required to ensure success, the tutor whom we believe to be best suited will be appointed to you. In cases where the student's academic abilities are ambiguous, the tutor will arrange diagnostic assessment to determine realistic learning objectives.

Individualised Learning Program

While addressing the learning objectives during the first session, our tutors will reiterate the student's prior knowledge, and confirm the learning outcomes they wish to achieve.  The tutor will then develop an ongoing and transparent Individualised Learning Program  (ILP) tailored to the student's needs. An ILP addresses the student's unique learning needs and includes specific educational goals. 

  • ILPs are a flexible and holistic working document with a practical value in the present moment.
  • ILPs actively involve all parties - student, tutor, and parents.
  • ILPs outline the students learning strengths and difficulties.
  • ILPs state long term and short term learning objectives, specific learning and teaching strategies, assessment methods, and future learning goals.
  • ILPs ensure learning objectives are measurable, achievable, supported, and time framed.

This encompasses the use of specialised yet flexible teaching and learning strategies such as a contextually relevant hands-on approach,  and incorporates a wide range of teaching materials like ICT to give meaning and ownership of the student's learning to help them achieve. We ensure the ILP supports any special needs, prescribed school tasks and extra-curricular activities to help meet the student's goals. 

We believe tutoring should be transparent, adopting a cooperative approach together with teachers, schools and parents to help the student achieve their learning objectives. We strongly encourage parents to allow our the tutor to make contact with the student's classroom teacher.

Client Feedback & Monitoring of Tutor Quality

After the initial tutoring session, we make contact with the parent and tutor to ensure the tutor is suitable, and the learning objectives realistic.

To ensure a high standard of quality teaching, tutors are required to submit an ongoing report, detailing the current learning objectives, teaching and learning strategies utilised, assessment methods, student achievements and areas of improvement, and the focus of  learning objectives over the coming weeks.

We see learners as unique individuals with different values and ideas, and aim to develop meaningful positive relationships with students. We realise different tutors will better suit different students, so your feedback is vital to guarantee the right tutor has been allocated to you, and to ensure any special requirements are met.  

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How It Works

1.  Contact Us For A Consultation

2. We Collaboratively Determine The Learning Requirements

3.  Development Of Ongoing Personalised Individual Learning Program For The Student

4.  Client Feedback & Tutor Quality Control