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Illiterate Australian Man Publishes His 9th Book

Byron McDonald

An Illiterate Australian man, who in 1948 momentarily died on the operating table and as a result has not improved his literacy skills since, has recently published his 9th book.

Ken Hall is a remarkable man from Hervey Bay, Qld. While he was unable to read or write, throughout his adult life he proved himself to be very intelligent in a number of different ways, even building planes and helicopters.

Mr Hall faced a great deal of prejudice as a result of learning disability and struggled to hold employment.

With the aide of computers, Mr Hall is able to dictate his stories and record them as text. His memoir held the top spot for two and a half weeks, knocking Harry Potter and Bryce Courtney from their top positions.

Further information regarding Mr Ken Hall can be found here on the ABC website.