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Welcome to the Wisdom Bird Tutors Blog.
On a regular basis we provide blog posts and commentary regarding current issues impacting education

Australian Students Not Learning Foreign Languages Anymore

Byron McDonald

According to recent statistics and a SMH article, only 10% of students are studying a foreign language compared to 40% back in the 1960's.

Kurt Mullane, the executive director of the Asia Education Foundation, said "one of our great challenges is our monolingual mindset", while Amber Flohm, multicultural officer at the NSW Teachers Federation claims "there's an oversupply of secondary language qualified teachers, and an under supply of primary ones".

Amber Flohm continued on to offer her opinion, claiming "it's a lack of focus on languages in the primary years, a lack of continuity from kindergarten into year 11 and 12, and [mandating only] 100 hours in year 7 or 8 frankly is tokenistic".

We believe our tutors in Perth can assist students in filling the gaps in their knowledge and understanding, while providing continuity throughout their schooling years.

Feel free to make an enquiry regarding our foreign language tutors available. We have tutors for a range of languages, from French, to Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese.